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Don’t Let Old Devices Hold Your Business Back

Technology is evolving rapidly, often outpacing Moore’s Law. And as technology continues down the path of rapid evolution, it can be challenging for enterprises to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware and software for their business. This is one of the main culprits of enterprises using legacy devices…

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Avoid Devastating Consequences with OS Migration

Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS are at their end of life, with support ending in early 2020. However, many organizations are still using legacy devices and outdated operating systems to run their business. While the motivation to save capital is an understandable one, failing to upgrade can pose severe consequences to your business and may be costing you money, and you don’t even know it…

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4 Major Security Risks of Not Executing an OS Migration

Although it once dominated the enterprise mobility and rugged mobile device market, Microsoft has ceded new development in that space to other platforms and has phased out support of Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. Windows CE 6.0 end of life occurred in 2018, and Windows Mobile 6.5 end of life occurred on January 14, 2020…

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3 OS Migration Obstacles (And How To Overcome Them)

For many years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS were the standard for ruggedised, line-of-business, mobile computing. However, both platforms have reached their end of life, and support for these systems officially ended in early 2020. For organisations that rely on these devices for critical manufacturing, logistics, and service applications, that means the time has come to shift to new platforms to keep applications running safely and keep up with new advancements in functionality…

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Route Optimisation Will Make Your Fleet More Cost-Effective (And Deliver Increased ROI)

Even before the advent of the global pandemic, e-commerce was booming. Customers are drawn to the power of having their favourite retailers, suppliers and services at the touch of a button, but that increase in activity brings with it an expectation of fast turnaround times. Next-working day delivery services (and even same day click & collect) offers are becoming more commonplace, but that means the supply chain needs to moving fast enough to keep up with those expectation…

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Camera Telematics Are A Must For Any Fleet: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

There’s no denying it: technology has helped transform the way transport & logistics operates run their fleets. More capable HHTs (Handheld Devices) and enhanced software have helped replace clumsy paperwork for vehicle checks and customer deliveries; route optimisation has made fleets more cost effective and vastly improved the efficiency of a driver’s schedule; and live vehicle tracking has given fleet managers a greater oversight of their vehicles when they’re out in the field.

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Is your Self-Service Returns process as efficient as it could be?

In a post-COVID world, customers continue to show a great deal of interest in services that connect brick and mortar stores with online offers. Services such as Contactless Click & Collect has helped drive users to pick up theirs orders safely in store, and that same sense of agency will be expected from the returns process as well…

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Why Hazardous Pharmaceutical Operations Need Even Tougher Mobile Hardware

Now, more than ever, the pharmaceutical industry needs hardware that can withstand the hazardous challenges of its manufacturing environments. From rugged internal components to durable outer shells tough enough to withstand stronger cleaning solutions, companies working in this space are looking for mobile computers that have what it takes to perform under extreme pressure and unusual conditions…

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Individually Assigned Productivity With The Zebra EC50/EC55 Enterprise Mobile Computer

For many years, smart devices for business have often looked, felt and performed very differently when compared to those in the consumer sector. The need for in-built scanning and rugged durability have often led to bulky and less aesthetically-pleasing devices – but what if there was a mobile computer that married the business-focused architecture of a rugged device with the sleek chassis and swift performance of a consumer handset?

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Cloud-Based Networks

Now, more than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for new ways to increase the productivity and flexibility in the face of adversity. With organisations looking to operate with their forces often spread out remotely, digital solutions are becoming the go to path for success. From data processing to task automation, data networking offers businesses the necessary agility to maintain their bottom line while keeping their staff connected to the core of the network…

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Zebra WT6300 & Zebra RS6000 – Modernising The Warehouse With Automation

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on every facet of our lives, including how we buy and sell products and services. eCommerce has boomed as a result, with customers heading online more than ever to make their purchases. That’s placed a considerable extra strain on the supply chain, with warehouse operators and logistics providers having to pivot to meet that greater demand and hunger for faster turnaround times…

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Revitalising Your Retail Operations With SOTI MobiControl

Mobile devices have become a core part of the modern retail operation. From helping customers on the shop floor with product lookups and price checks, to the inventory management of items in the stock room, tablets and smartphones make all the difference when meeting customer expectations and driving up sales. Even smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices help vital data from footfall and customer journeys throughout a retail premises…

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Rugged Durability For The Warehouse With The Zebra ZT600 Industrial Printers

As your operation grows, so does the strain on your printer hardware. And with so many business-critical processes tied to the label and receipt printing of your organisation, if these printers fail or degrade, you risk losing valuable business. For larger scale warehouse and logistics operations, that means integrating hardware that’s ready to perform and deliver 24/7, even during peak periods of business, so you can minimise downtime…

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Contactless Click & Collect And More With M-Netics Retail

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the modern retail landscape, forcing retailers and customers alike to shift their behaviours when it comes to selling and buying goods. From the collection of online ordered parcels to fulfil from store transactions, customers have had their confidence understandably shaken when it comes to buying in person…

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Increase Print Uptime In The Warehouse With Zebra’s ZT400 Industrial Printer

The supply chain never stops moving, so your printer infrastructure needs the capacity to keep up with the pace of your warehouse and logistics operations. Utilising normal desktop printers simply isn’t good enough when volumes increase – and that’s where industrial printers come in, offering the kind of large-scale printing prowess that elevate your printing performance…

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Celebrating Diversity In The Workplace With National Inclusion Week 2020

National Inclusion Week runs from September 28th-October 4th, 2020. This is an annual week of workplace activities and events that aims to highlight the importance of inclusion across the globe. It is an opportunity for companies to get connected and engage with people and employees who are passionate about inclusion in the workplace and elsewhere…

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Greater Mobility Equals Greater Capability Within The Four Walls With The Zebra TC52

The modern retail sector is a demanding place to do business, and that means organisations operating in this space need technology that’s powerful enough to support peak business periods on the familiar platform that is Android. That’s wear the TC52 comes in. One of the latest additions to Zebra Technologies growing range of touch computers, which offers less rugged features than Zebra’s mobile computer range by trades them in part for the sleek design and capabilities of a consumer handset.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Ivanti Velocity

If you’re looking to upgrade the mobile operations in your business by upgrading your Windows devices to Android and want to avoid the hassle of transferring your entire estate manually, then you need a fast, robust & multi-faceted solution. Enter Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink)…

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Direct Vision Standard: What You Need To Know

Does your business operate within Greater London? Do you utilise HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) in your fleet? If you’ve answered yes on both counts, then your organisation will need to have a compliant camera setup in place by February 2021 in order gain full visibility of your vehicle blind spots…

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