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Maintain business-critical operations with familiar rugged hardware powered by a Windows OS

Your organisation has invested in HHTs (handheld terminals), scanners and other rugged mobile devices, many of which are vital to your business-critical operations. If you’re not ready to migrate to an Android platform on newer handsets, why not invest in what you know and buy the stock you trust?

Peak Technologies has over 30 years of expertise supporting organisations around the world with rugged mobile hardware from the biggest manufacturers. We can source the hardware you need, fully staged and supported so your organisation can be remain agile and ready to scale.

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Legacy Windows Devices from Peak Technologies

Your organisation has invested heavily in its rugged mobile hardware, and it can be a considerable outlay to completely overhaul that infrastructure in favour of newer and potentially more expensive devices. Peak Technologies is ready to support your business with a variety of legacy devices, including those that run exclusively on Windows operating systems (OS). If you are considering transitioning to Android, we also offer a variety of solutions to help support that migration.

Familiar Rugged Hardware You Know & Trust

While Peak Technologies can connect your organisation to the very latest rugged and consumer-grade mobile handsets (including the likes of Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung and other trusted manufacturers), our broad portfolio of technology partners and contacts also enables us to source a variety of devices that are end-of-life or are no longer sitting at the forefront of their respective ranges.

We understand that these devices are familiar to your business and your staff, so we can source, refurb and repair these devices so you can replace or increase the number of HHTs in operation across your sites. Here are just some of the benefits to considering this as a solution for your business:

Trusted Hardware Specs

Utilising devices that your teams and workers already know makes the addition of additional handsets far easier to integrate into your workforce with a minimum of disruption to your business-critical processes.

No Need For Training

Those familiar handsets and interfaces also remove the need to train your workers to learn the ins and outs of a new device and how they connect to your existing process. It also removes additional stress on IT resources.

Utilise Newer Windows OS

Older devices might not have the speed or the flexibility of much newer handsets, some HHTs can be upgraded to utilise more up-to-date versions of Windows to ensure you’re not fully held back by end-of-life OS.

Cost-Effective Alternative

New hardware can be a very expensive investment, so if your budget cannot accommodate the latest models, utilising older hardware can increase or strengthen your existing portfolio while remaining cost-effective.

Repairs & Exchange Expertise For Your Legacy Devices



Peak Technologies has decades of experience sourcing, staging and repairing a broad portfolio of rugged mobile devices. Our in-house roster of experienced and fully trained technicians can prepare your legacy devices and have them fully staged and ready to deploy in your business. From repairs to exchanges, our teams will ensure your business-critical processes up and running for longer.

Are you looking to migrate to a new operating system?

Peak Technologies offers a wide range of Windows to Android Migration Solutions that will transition all of your existing applications to Android-ready devices. Click the link below to learn more:

Windows Legacy Devices

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