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Leverage greater security, ongoing support and increased productivity with an Android OS

Move away from the unsupported vulnerability and potential ineffectiveness of an end-of-life Windows operating system and embrace the new standard for business-ready hardware: Android.

With the power of Android, your organisation can protect sensitive customer and partner data from outside attacks thanks to regular security updates; refresh your hardware with the latest handsets; and become a more effective and productive operation across all your sites.

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Your mobile estate is a considerable investment – and that includes the OS (operating system) that binds your bespoke software applications and curated hardware together. For many businesses, fear of disruption to business-critical operations and costly periods of downtime lead them to rely on increasingly unfit-for-purpose operating systems that are no longer supported properly.

Many organisations across myriad industry verticals are seeing the benefits of utilising Android. From speed of performance to ongoing developer support, Android represents the future of business operating systems. And with our Windows to Android Migration solutions, we’ll help you transition your entire mobile estate to Android, including supporting all of your bespoke applications and TE (Terminal Emulation) for a smoother and stress-free change over.

Windows To Android Migration Solutions

At A Glance Benefits

Outdated Windows OS Are Putting Your Warehouse At Risk

Did you know that traditional Windows operating systems such as Windows CE are now end-of-life? That means Microsoft is no longer providing security and optimisation updates for those platforms. Without ongoing support to protect your data against evolving digital threats, your enterprise will be in constant danger.

A lack of support will also have an adverse effect on the productivity of your fulfilment operations and the efficiency of your warehouse operations. With support for Windows CE 6 ended in early 2018 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 in early 2020, any device still using these OS are in real danger. The solution? Migrating to an OS that can trust.

OS Migration

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OS Migration

Don’t Let Old Devices Hold Your Business Back

Technology is evolving rapidly, often outpacing Moore’s Law. And as technology continues down the path of rapid evolution, it can be challenging for enterprises to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware and software for their business. This is one of the main culprits of enterprises using legacy devices…

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OS Migration

Avoid Devastating Consequences with OS Migration

Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS are at their end of life, with support ending in early 2020. However, many organizations are still using legacy devices and outdated operating systems to run their business. While the motivation to save capital is an understandable one, failing to upgrade can pose severe consequences to your business and may be costing you money, and you don’t even know it…

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OS Migration

4 Major Security Risks of Not Executing an OS Migration

Although it once dominated the enterprise mobility and rugged mobile device market, Microsoft has ceded new development in that space to other platforms and has phased out support of Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. Windows CE 6.0 end of life occurred in 2018, and Windows Mobile 6.5 end of life occurred on January 14, 2020…

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OS Migration

3 OS Migration Obstacles (And How To Overcome Them)

For many years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS were the standard for ruggedised, line-of-business, mobile computing. However, both platforms have reached their end of life, and support for these systems officially ended in early 2020. For organisations that rely on these devices for critical manufacturing, logistics, and service applications, that means the time has come to shift to new platforms to keep applications running safely and keep up with new advancements in functionality…

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Making Your Mobile Network Work Smarter With Android

An organisation, no matter its size or industry, is only as agile as its mobile hardware. A lack of support for aging Windows platforms risks potential downtimes and an impact on your ability to meet customer expectation. But with the power of Android driving your mobile hardware, your business can more agile and leverage a variety of valuable benefits, including:

Seamless Transition

Shift from one operating system to another with the minimum of fuss with Peak Technologies' Windows To Android Migration solutions. Reduce downtimes and transfer over all your business-critical applications, including green screen software.

Wider Hardware Options

By making the leap to Android, your business operations can access a far larger and more diverse selection of devices, including the latest mobile computers, scanners, tablets and other portable business-ready devices.

Automated Workflows

With a Windows To Android Migration solution from Peak Technologies and its ecosystem of technology partners, you can optimise your workflows with dynamic automation scripts, including the use of meta tags and post-processing utilities.

Host System Preservation

Your host systems are the heart of your operations, no matter which industry you work in, and with our support you can preserve your business-critical systems including WMS, EPR and more – all with the minimum of disruption.

Web App Transition

Alongside traditional host systems, our Windows To Android Migration solutions are also fully capable of supporting all of your web-based business applications – including SAP and Oracle – for a truly optimised Android experience.

Support For Telnet Apps

For businesses operating warehouses and depots, green screen apps are a vital part of ongoing operations – but they need not be left behind thanks to the ability to transition them over to Android, fully optimised and ready to perform.

OS Migration

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If you’re still using Windows CE and other Windows-based operating systems, then you’re putting your warehouse devices and the security of your data at risk. Our latest eBook explains more, including:

Windows To Android Migration

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