Raise your scanning efficiency to new heights

With its innovative overhead scanner, FastPac is our new packing bench solution that cuts packing time by up to 50%, with an ROI in as little as 6 months.

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Maximise Warehouse Productivity and Improve Operational Efficiency

Peak Technologies’ new FastPac packing bench solution offers all you need to speed up packages through the warehouse. Including a state-of-the-art overhead scanner and sophisticated touch screen, it’s the ideal way to boost efficiency.

Watch it in action

View our video to get the full picture and see the FastPac in action. You’ll see a demonstration of how it works and in use, along with useful information about how it helps speed up your packing bench operations.

What’s in the FastPac box?

Together with our technology partners, we can provide you with a complete packing solution. Peak Technologies' new FastPac packing bench solution offers all you need to speed up the packing function within the warehouse.

Overhead Scanner

The sophisticated Matrix 320 scanner offers you plug & play entry to hands-free scanning, with a superior 2MP sensor achieving an extra-large horizontal Field of View. Its compact form factor allows for mounting almost anywhere, while snappy reactivity boosts performance and give you exceptional productivity. All this comes with the benefit of integrated, fast and safe installation - with no new software or programming required.

Android Touchscreen

The Elo I-Series all-in-one display gives you powerful computing controlled through a sleek edge-to-edge glass PCAP touchscreen. It delivers a powerful, interactive platform complete with a full HD 10-touch display, flexible Android 10 OS and enhanced CPU performance. Its EloView management system makes it simple to deploy content, manage settings and maintain the OS at the touch of a button.

Label Printer

You can print high quality labels on demand with this high specification four-inch desktop label printer. Within a modular design it brings you improved operational efficiency thanks to easy to use, high speed and continuous label printing. It supports a variety of printer command languages including ZPL II emulation, so you can integrate it seamlessly into legacy systems.

Handheld Scanner

The rugged handheld scanner offers outstanding robustness and excellent reading performance. The omnidirectional and long-range scanning capabilities let you read all types of codes from any angle, with perfect good-read feedback every time. There are enough connectivity and networking options to suit all your needs – all you need to do is aim, trigger, decode.

Peak Technologies installation and support

Our Installation and Service Desk offering is designed to cause minimum disruption and support your organisation in the way you feel comfortable with. Our Managed Services leverages a dedicated customer care team for ongoing support, including requests for repairs and exchanges, technical support, incident management through to resolution, and automated monthly reporting packs. You can choose from three distinct packages, each one carefully curated to maximise efficiency.

See our new FastPac solution in action

If you’d like to see how you could increase your packing bench speed by up to 50% through FastPac’s increased efficiency, we offer two options:

Visit the demo facility in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, for a product demo

Either way, we would very much like to put our innovative new FastPac packing bench solution through its paces for you.

FastPac Packing Bench

With its innovative overhead scanner, our new FastPac packing bench solution offers genuine business benefits

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