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Ensuring that each patient receives the right care at the right time is crucial and the healthcare industry is increasingly dependent on the latest mobility innovations and wireless technology solutions to optimise the delivery of patient care and maintain the highest standards of hygiene and medical practices. 

To meet the day to day challenges of delivering optimum care, clinicians and other healthcare workers require streamlined communications that enable them to securely connect and collaborate with colleagues, mobile devices that enable them real-time access to electronic patient records and medicine inventories, diagnostics, imaging and more at the point of care. Healthcare professionals also need data capture tools to collect key information, printers for accurate labelling and IoT innovations for tracking critical items including specimens, medication and in-demand assets.

And with the constant danger of infection from virulent pathogens such as COVID-19, it’s imperative that infection prevention and control is maintained throughout the healthcare setting to ensure the safety of patients, staff and visitors alike. 

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Healthcare Solutions

Working with our portfolio of carefully curated technology partners, Peak Technologies has the expertise and the know-how to support healthcare providers with a wide range of solutions that enable their healthcare professionals to deliver operational efficiencies, improved workflows and reduced costs while increasing safety, compliance and better patient care. Examples of our capabilities include the following:

Patient Identity Management

Positive patient ID connects the right patient to the right care at every step of the patient journey from admission to discharge. A printed patient wristband is the key component for healthcare workers to record a patient’s vital signs and any medication administered, so being able to print wristbands rapidly with up-to-date patient details is a vital requirement.

Patient Tracking

Capture every step of the patient journey with real-time location service solutions that help locate, track and monitor your patients whereabouts within the hospital, helping care workers provide optimal care and safety. Implement safeguarding measures for specific patient cohorts, such as dementia patients where staff can be alerted to wandering patients who leave designated safe areas or for ensuring quarantined admissions stay within designated areas within a healthcare setting.

Infant Protection

Monitor in real-time the location of infants specifically in maternity, neonatal and paediatric wards, if an infant is moved beyond a defined a secure area then it can be used to trigger an alarm, lock doors or initiate recording on a security camera. With this measures in place, parents can leave their babies in the care of healthcare professionals without fear of danger or abduction.

Specimen Labelling and Tracking

Labelling patient bloods and other samples collected at point of care improves patient safety and helps drastically reduce avoids the risk of misidentification. Using Peak Technologies’ range of healthcare approved wireless handheld computers, data capture scanners and barcode printers, healthcare workers from nurses to laboratory technicians can scan and print ISBT 128 compliant barcodes for accurate specimen tracking and analysis.

Medical Equipment Tracking

Get real time visibility and key insights on the location and status of your critical medical assets. It is vital that healthcare professionals have quick access to the right medical equipment to support their clinical tasks and maintain the highest levels of patient care. Misplaced, damaged or unavailable equipment can have significant impacts on patient outcomes, from delaying procedures and treatments to potential bed blockages and delayed patient discharge.

Temperature Management

Temperature sensitive products including medication, vaccines, blood and tissue samples need to be maintained within specific environmental conditions to prevent spoil products and potential health risks. Careful monitoring is required to protect these assets from exposure to out-of-range conditions and staff need visibility to easily track location, status and condition. Peak Technologies’ expertise in temperature technology also extends to body temperature checking for rapid infection control response.

Inventory Management

Support your inventory management processes using RFID technology to optimise stock holding, minimise waste and free up time for clinical staff. Using passive RFID labels on all theatre consumables means that all items used for operations can be tracked, enabling hospitals to accurately record usage for each operation and ensure reliable replenishment of required inventory on a regular basis.

Social Distancing and Quarantine

Manage COVID-19 compliance within your healthcare facility and protect patients and staff from possible infection by monitoring locations and receiving alerts if any people in the building get too close. Implement quarantine monitoring through setting up specific zones with immediate alerts if boundaries are breached. Hospitals and clinics can also utilise printers for the printing of bespoke signage – such as banners, posters, hanging signage and vinyl floor stickers – for patients and members of the public who visiting a healthcare setting.

Infection Control

Compliment your existing hand hygiene policies and minimise the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens for staff, patients and visitors by implementing safe and highly effective UV sanitising of handheld devices including tablet computers and smartphones. The CleanSlate UV mobile sanitising unit has been proven to deactivate SARS, MERS & other viruses in just 20 seconds and without the use of device-damaging chemicals. It’s been tested against SARS-COV-2, and studies have proven the device to be 99.995% effective at deactivating the virus.

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