Hospitality & Food Service

Enhancing hotels, restaurants and on-site food services

When customers enter a hospitality or food service environment, they expect the very best service from your business. That’s where Peak Technologies is ready to help, supporting your operations with technology solutions that improve customer service with self-service, allergen tracking that enhances your food safety preparation and much more.

Driven by our extensive and carefully curated ecosystem of technology partners, we can support your entire food service network with a broad variety of solutions, including:

Hospitality & Food Service

Enhancing Both Front Of House & Back Of House Operations

Every aspect of the hospitality experience can be streamlined and improved with access to the right technology. Our solutions leverage software developments, hardware innovations and accessory excellence to ensure your operations are fully optimised for a more cost-effective and productive food service business.

Food Preparation Labelling

Food wastage is one of the significant losses of revenue for any business that prepares food freshly on site, so address this issue head on with a Food Preparation Labelling Solution that enables you to print customised labels that replace unreliable day dots.

Menu & Recipe Management

Looking to improve how your build recipes and construct long-term and seasonal menus? Our Menu & Recipe Management Solutions enable you to build recipes from available ingredients, update menus in real-time and capture the culinary zeitgeist.

Customer Self-Service

In a post-COVID world, customers want to enjoy the experience of eating out or ordering food with minimal staff interactions. With a Customer Self-Service Solution, customers can order direct from their table or complete orders from a touchscreen kiosk.

Allergen Compliance

With legislation such as Natasha’s Law requiring any business preparing food on-site to clearly state all allergen contained in their products, an Allergen Compliance Solution will protect your customers and the reputation of your food service business.

Food Hygiene & Safety

Hygiene is of the utmost important to any business that operates an on-site food service operation. With a Food Hygiene & Safety Solution, you can track cleaning rotas and ensure full compliance with hygiene procedures in your kitchens.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions Tailor-Made For Hospitality

Our solutions leverage the very latest innovations from our hardware manufacturing partners, as well as the most reliable product accessories and food service ready software releases. Here are just some of the ways we can support your hospitality operations:

Mobile Devices & Tablets

Ensure your front of house staff are fully connected to the back of house for logging and tracking orders, calling up resident details and accessing menus and recipes – all from a single device that’s as portable as it is multi-functional.

Samsung Food Safety

Label & Receipt Printers

Printers in a hospitality setting need to be able to keep up with the demand of your staff and customers, so ensure your kitchens and front of house staff are fully supported with food label printing, receipt printing and more.

Hospitality-Ready Software

The hospitality & food service industry is a unique market, and that requires software tailor-made to the needs of a hotel, restaurant or food service outlet. Our software elements support allergen tracking, customer feedback tracking and more.

UV Light Sanitising

Incorporate our UV Light Sanitising Solutions into your food service operations and you can sanitise mobile devices are static hardware with the safe and highly reliable power of UV light. Protect staff and customers against harmful pathogens.

Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosks

Digital signage enables you to display menus, current promotions and important hygiene and social distancing policies. Interactive kiosks and touchscreens support self-service, customer feedback submissions and much more.

Bartec Wireless X Wi-Fi Access Point

Wireless Networking

Connectivity is a vital part of any contemporary hospitality & food service operation, so ensure your outlets are connected with a variety of wireless and WLAN solutions that leverage networking and AP developments from our technology partners.

Hospitality & Food Service

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