Optimise Your Production Facilities


Your manufacturing process is an airtight process and can’t afford to stumble due to inferior technology and outdated software. Ensure you don’t lose valuable business or cause needless additional costs by investing in a full mobility solution from Peak Technologies, tailored to your exact manufacturing needs. Regardless of the size of your operation, our expertise in delivering technology into enterprise organisations will ensure a true ROI and an enhanced productivity right across your sites.

Our manufacturing-centric solutions include:

Discrete Manufacturing

Automotive and other transportation equipment, aviation and aerospace, food and packaging, apparel, computers and other high-tech electronics, appliances and components, industrial machinery and components, and consumer packaged goods and related warehouses/distribution centers

Process Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical processing and related warehouses/distribution centers

We ensure that the total solution delivers the promise the technology offers, allows a migration path for future growth, and does not distract from your core business activities. Peak Technologies provides manufacturing solutions to help you:

Reduce manufacturing and supply chain costs

Improving every level of the supply chain From mobile data capture and enterprise printing solutions, to warehouse management and manufacturing applications, our solutions integrate our expertise and technologies while maximizing your existing resources and capabilities.

Achieve a competitive advantage

Staying ahead in a global marketplace Any opportunities to gain improved efficiencies, reduced costs, or increased revenues are paramount to gaining an advantage in the highly competitive global manufacturing marketplace.

Link operations

Experience and support where you need it With operations and facilities across North America and Europe, Peak Technologies has the resources to deploy a multi-site, multi-national solution.

Contact market-leading mobility solutions provider Peak Technologies today and find out how we can design, deploy and support an enterprise-grade mobility solution for your manufacturing infrastructure.