Enhanced Fulfilment & Distribution


Wherever your organisation sits within the supply chain, you’ll likely utilise a warehouse or distribution centre – and that means your mobile infrastructure needs to be robust enough to perform under pressure. With customers expecting deliveries at faster and faster rates, you need the right technology at your disposal to ensure your warehouse operators can fulfil orders with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Our myriad warehousing solutions include:

Voice-enabled picking/packing – Give your warehouse operators the freedom and to do more with fast & reliable voice-enabled software & hardware solutions.

Asset tracking – Ensure you have full visibility of your entire inventory, and track items as they move within, between & beyond your sites with RFID & BLE beacons.

Augmented Reality – Utilise the power of augmented reality with lightweight headsets and connected software that optimise the picking process.

Forklift Mobile Solutions – Your forklifts are a vital part of your day-to-day warehouse, so ensure your drivers are always connected the right information with rugged in-vehicle hardware.

Warehouse Management – The information that ties your warehouse together is vitally important, so you need access to the most versatile and robust Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Android Migration – More and more Windows OS are going ‘end of life’, so leverage the future-proof power of Android and revitalise the apps & hardware in your warehouse environment.