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Quickly Disinfect Mobile Devices Using a Simple, Effective & Proven
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Whether you’re in a healthcare, education, restaurant, office or retail setting, sanitising both employee and visitor devices can help kill the germs that live on these surfaces. With the current Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important for businesses to consider the ways pathogens can spread and actively implement solutions to help prevent further contamination.

Cell phones are often overlooked in the disinfection process, however, clean hands can immediately become contaminated once a phone is touched. CleanSlate machines use UV-C light to disinfect phones and other small devices at the speed of light. This solution is extremely easy for your service providers and visitors to use. All they have to do is insert the device, clean their hands, and remove their items via a touch-free retrieval process.

UV Phone Cleaner Features

20-Second cycle

proven to kill at least 99.995% of MRSA

Touch-free device removal

enables proper hand hygiene

Works on a range of devices

including smartphones, tablets, voceras, badges, and other non-medical devices

No device-damaging chemicals

interacting with expensive touchscreen devices

Automatic Compliance Tracking

of facility-owned devices via RFID tagging and a cloud compliance suite

Hospital-grade Efficacy Testing

that uses EPA recommended standards to prove effectiveness even with light soiling

20 Second Cycle. No Training Required.
Just 4 Simple Steps.

Insert Device(s)

Close Lid

Wait 20 Seconds

Remove with Clean Hands

The chemical-free phone sanitiser process uses short wave-length ultraviolet light to kill germs and prevent them from reproducing. This type of light is safe for touchscreen smartphones and other small items like pagers, earbuds and ID badges. Questions about the different devices the unit can clean? Contact Peak Technologies for help. 

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Countertop UV-C Disinfection

Download our essential white paper to learn what questions you should be asking and how to critically analyse solution features and efficacy claims.

Applicable Industries

This simple cleaning solution is best used when installed in high foot-traffic entrance areas. CleanSlate can be used in hospitals, restaurants, offices, and more. Select an industry below to learn more about how this sanitisation solution can help:

Using UV-C Light to Protect Staff & Customers

Download our white paper to learn more about how using UV light canto protect your staff and customers.

Finance Options

When you need to rent hardware and avoid the overheads of investing in brand new equipment, Peak Technologies has a payment solution that’s right for you.

Repair Services

Peak Technologies is a certified repair centre for Cleanslate UV. Our repair centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire performs repairs within a standard five working day SLA.

Learn More About Enterprise-Grade UV Mobile Device Cleaning Solutions

Contact us today to find out how Peak Technologies can deliver an enterprise-grade UV Light Solution to safeguard your vital business operations.

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