OPEX Financial Services

Flexible Payment Solutions For Ongoing Support

OPEX Financial Services

To support your new Managed Service and ensure your organisation is fully supported in the months and years to come, you need a flexible payment system designed to fit your budget. That’s where the Peak Technologies Mobility Service Framework Agreement comes in; a payment plan spread over an agreed time scale that gives you access to the transformative benefits of a Peak Technologies mobility solution with an affordable payment scheme. 

Your payment agreement will be unique to your organisation and will consider all the elements that form your bespoke Managed Service. These components will include:

Peak Technologies offers an all-encompassing, customer-specific, service arrangement that enables lifecycle services, hardware products, software, commissioning and all other project costs to be funded under a single service based rental contract. This option provides an efficient approach to asset management and a reduction in costs thanks to the reduced administration overheads. It also allows for the provision of an end-to-end lifecycle management solution on a cost per device basis, paid from revenue budgets. Options include the ability to move, add and buy back of equipment throughout the agreement.

Why choose an OPEX solution with Peak-Ryzex?

The framework agreement can be structured in many ways with regards to a payment profile. This can be done monthly, quarterly, annually or structured in such a way that it works in line with your budgetary requirements, but most importantly this can be tailored specifically for you.

  • Single cost per device charge inclusive of a variable service charge fee.
  • Service-based payment scheme that covers your existing infrastructure and the provision of new equipment as part of a cost-per-device charge.
  • Relieve budget constraints and CAPEX issues with a low-cost, off balance sheet solution.
  • Cost per device charges classed as revenue expenditure for both service & equipment.
  • Reduce complication with a single periodic payment to Peak-Ryzex.

OPEX Financial Services

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