Managed Print Services

Alleviate The Stress Of Managing Your Print Infrastructure

So, you’ve purchased new printer hardware & software, but managing that new infrastructure is a complex and ongoing challenge. Without the right oversight of your printing estate, you could risk business-critical processes grinding to a halt when your label production no longer functions how you need it to.

With a Managed Print Services solution, Peak Technologies will orchestrate the installation of your new hardware and manage your entire array of print elements, including maintenance and ongoing media supplies. Now your organisation can focus on its mission-critical processes without sacrificing precious resources on your internal print setup.

Remove the Stress of Managing your Print Estate

A Managed Print Service from Peak Technologies provides countless benefits that will optimise your print setup so you can focus on your business-critical operations. The benefits of working in partnership with Peak Technologies include:

Reduce Costs

An enterprise level printer setup can be a costly element to run, especially when you’re potentially wasting paper, toner & other media with unnecessary print runs. With a managed print service from Peak Technologies, we’ll oversee your entire print operation and reduce the escalating costs of repairing faulty devices, updating licences and managing the flow of media stock.

Improve Productivity

By taking accountability for your print estate, Peak Technologies can identify areas that are performing below expectations and implement new strategies that reduce costs and enhance the productivity of your print & media operation. We’ll provide a detailed strategy that will maximise the efficiency of your entire print setup.

Lower carbon footprint

We all want to be more responsible for the environment and the future of our planet, and your organisation can do just that by utilising a managed print service. We’ll aim to reduce your carbon footprint by readjusting your label stock and printer selection to ensure you’re only utilising the components you need, when you need them most.

Better manage capital expenditure

Running a successful print & media operation in your business centres around leveraging the right solution for your needs. A managed print service from Peak Technologies will identify the best way to invest your capital, whether it be a fully purchased operation or a rolling rental setup via our Pay-Per-Label solution.


Our expert IT staff will work with you to determine the best customised solution to meet your specific business needs.

(OEM and compatible)

We can provide and manage all supplies, including consumables such as cartridges and toner.


Peak Technologies has experience working with all types of devices, including laser and multifunction printers, copiers and fax machines.

Software (Visibility, monitoring, reporting)

Our printer management software collects data and provides tools to help you continuously improve your operation.

Onsite Service

and Repair

Our MPS program includes onsite maintenance and repair for all devices.

Why use a Managed Print Solution?

Most organisations operate with a hodgepodge of segmented devices from multiple vendors on multiple contracts, pricing plans, support programs and order printer supplies or service printers reactively. Waste through unused supplies, or printer downtime can have a significant negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

Take control, optimise performance, and get the most from your printing solution. Enable Peak Technologies to oversee your print infrastructure and leverage these valuable benefits:

  • Just in time auto supply replenishment
  • Help desk support
  • Onsite service and repair
  • Service notifications
  • Problem device reporting
  • Alternative source financing
  • Streamlined procurement and accounts payable
Challenge Managed Print Solution
Multiple manufacturers and models
Product standards and roadmap
Multiple support contracts, POs, Invoices
Single vendor for all aspects of entire fleet
Complex service call triage and initiation
Proactive service through software alerts
No job-cost tracking
Volume and cost detail by business unit
Not leveraging consumables buy
Single-source across entire organization
"Secure printing" through personal inkjets
Password-initiated printing at device
Uncontrolled color printing
Control of color print access by job, user, etc.
High energy costs
New, more energy-efficient devices
High device downtime
Monitoring and alerts increase uptime

Peak Technologies MPS Program For Thermal Printers

With an MPS Program from Peak Technologies, powered by our managed print technology partners, you can gain true visibility of all the thermal printers in your network, strengthen overall security and drastically decrease downtimes with the auto-replenishment of label supplies. With this innovative service deployed in your business, you can reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership) and reap the benefits of a thermal managed print services solution.

Reduce Operational Costings

With an MPS Program from Peak Technologies, you can streamline your thermal printer infrastructure and ensure device consistency.

Automated Supply Deliveries

Automatically identify when label supplies are running and have deliveries of fresh stock ready for loading as soon as it's needed.

Relieve Pressure On IT Resources

Ensure your IT resources are deployed elsewhere with a thermal printer solution that's easy to deploy and simple to manage.

Identify & Replace Aging Hardware

A Peak Technologies MPS Program will also enable you to identify hardware approach end of life so you enhance the efficiency of your printing.

According to report by research firm Gartner, you could reduce printing costs by 10% to 30%, with further research revealing that over 70% are not familiar with the finer details of their thermal print infrastructure. With an MPS Program from Peak Technologies, you can leverage that knowledge and making real savings.

Our Thermal Print Assessment

Managed Print Services

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Along with these exciting developments comes a renewed sense of commitment and purpose. To celebrate this exciting new chapter, we wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on our past, while looking forward to the future.  We are extremely pleased to announce that we have changed our company name to Peak Technologies Ltd. 

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