Pay-Per-Label Solutions

Cost-Effective Alternative to Buying Print Hardware

Pay-Per-Label Solutions

If you’re looking to transform your enterprise-sized label infrastructure, but you want to cut out the expensive outlay of investing in new hardware, Peak-Ryzex’s Pay-Per-Label Service is the solution for you. Lease ten or more printers with a Rental Services agreement that’s been tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and subscribe to a rolling source of label stock & maintenance.

What is Pay-Per-Label?

  • Pay only for the labels & ribbons you need
  • Print solution can scale with your business
  • Full maintenance support
  • OPEX model, not CAPEX
  • One monthly invoice from Peak Technologies

Benefits of Pay-Per-Label

  • Removes need to spend capital on printers
  • Avoid utilising end-of-life hardware
  • One finance solution that’s easy to budget
  • Refresh/upgrade every three-to-five years

How does Pay Per Label work?

Select the printer hardware suited to your industry and the number of units (min. 10 printers)

Confirm your label requirements, including use, frequency & media type

Choose the label software that fits your business

Select a maintenance & support plan

Peak Technologies calculates a unique ‘price per label’

Choose a three- or five-year contract

Want a snapshot of how Pay-Per-Label works in practice? Here’s an example of a hypothetical five-year contract that shows the cost-effective results of utilising this solution in an enterprise-size organisation. Best of all, the final costs below include the printer hardware, software licences, printheads, ribbons, maintenance and every other element for one monthly cost:

Pay-Per-Label Example
Printer model Zebra ZT410
Printer Quantity 10
Estimated printhead life (mm) 50,000,000 mm
Ribbon required? Yes
Ribbon length (mm) 450,000 mm
Labels printed per year per printer 250,000 labels
Total labels printed per year 2,500,000 labels
Label length including gap 155 mm

Monthly total cost Monthly printer cost Per label cost

OVER 3 YEARS £2.068.00* £206.80 0.9926 p

OVER 5 YEARS £2,020.75 £202.08 0.9700 p

Label Specification

Thermal transfer semi-coated with permanent adhesive

100 x 150mm rectangles, plain white

Supplied 1,000 labels per roll on 76mm cores

Ribbon Specification

Peak Technologies Premium wax ribbons

110mm x 450m, supplied 10 rolls per box

*Prices correct as per example conditions.

Pay-Per-Label Solutions

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