Asset Management

Insight Into Your Enterprise Mobility Estate

As part of our market-leading Managed Services, Peak Technologies provides a comprehensive Asset Management offering. By utilising a powerful array of MDM (mobile device management) tools, we can deliver real time updates on your entire mobility infrastructure, including when a device was last visible, when it last connected to your network and its last known location. Our Asset Management services also extends to Gold Build management overseen by our Professional Services teams, SIM Management and Wireless Monitoring.

SIM Management

Enterprise SIM oversight & monitoring

Your new mobility solution from Peak Technologies features an array of mobile devices and other smart technology, so to keep them connected to your network you’ll be utilising a significant number of SIMs. Our close relationship with UK network providers enables us to source the most suitable SIMs, but our services don’t stop there. Peak Technologies will identify problems with your SIMS, order new cards and replace them with speed and precision. By taking this task in-house, you can focus on your business-critical processes without distraction or concern.

Our SIM Support & Management Services come in two valuable options:

Customer-Owned SIM Management

With this offering, you own the relationship with the SIM & data provider. Options include:

  • Customer commitment to SIM allocation per device, including all buffer & bonded stock
  • Removal of SIMs from BER (Beyond Economical Repair) devices and installation into replacements
  • SOTI licence and usage management
  • Limited reactive investigation into data queries or usage questions
Peak-Ryzex-Owned SIM Management

With this offering, Peak Technologies owns the relationship with the SIM & data provider. Options include:

  • Data & voice allowance monitored by Peak Technologies
  • Peak Technologies will monitor data usage and alert you when data thresholds are likely to be breached
  • Gain regular insights into usage during regular Service Reviews
  • Option for tighter SIM control, such as Peak Technologies swapping SIMs and apply updates to SOTI when needed

Wireless Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring, triage & escalation

Your new mobility estate needs a wireless solution that connects your organisation with the right data, but such an aspect of your wireless infrastructure goes far beyond the initial installation & deployment. Peak-Ryzex’s Managed Services is here to ensure your enterprise wireless solution continues to support your business-critical processes. Through our dynamic Mobile Device Management (MDM), Peak Technologies can monitor, triage & escalate issues as and when they happen.

Monitoring – We’ll monitor your Wi-Fi performance and usage to ensure your on-site business operations reduce outages and costly downtimes.
Triage – When problems arise, we’ll triage the problem and, with your permission, log in remotely and fix the issue with your wireless infrastructure.
Escalation – When a fault cannot be fixed remotely, we’ll escalate the issue and arrange for an engineer to visit your site to get your Wi-Fi setup back on track.

Asset Management

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