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When consignments, shipments and items are travelling through the supply chain, you need a means of tracking them while they make their way from your premises to the customer. M-Netics eTrack from Peak Technologies enables users to enhance their logistics operation by tracking audit trails, validating containerisation and vehicle dispatch updates.

M-Netics eTrack provides rich integration capabilities to offer direct data exchange with internal and third-party distribution centre operations and valuable real-time integration with automated sorters. Its range of powerful functional benefits include:

M-Netics eTRACK

A Software Solution from

Introducing the M-Netics Software Solution Ecosystem

Warehouse And Logistics Operation Excellence

M-Netics eTrack from Peak Technologies delivers easy-to-use functionality that’s configurable for varying operations for enterprise businesses. It has been designed with an integration layer to operate alongside existing logistics systems.

Sorting And Routing

Users can leverage real-time sortation throughout the many phases of the supply chain journey. Items can be routed using standard fixed routing tables or integrated with third-party routing solutions for enhanced visibility.

Enterprise Integration

M-Netics eTrack can interface to automated sortation systems and WMS (warehouse management systems) solutions, creating an efficient and tracked process for item distribution throughout the supply chain.

Click & Collect

And Returns Processing

By integrating with functionality in M-Netics Retail, items and goods can be fully managed and sorted at a store for collection and processing, and returned items can be tracked back to your DC.

Leading-Edge Web Portal Functionality

eTRACK Portal

Our eTrack system has web portals for the tracking of items through the supply chain, tailored to the exact needs and branding standards of your logistics operation. eTrack supports both internal tracking by employees and external queries by customers.

M-Netics eTrack system includes bespoke reports tailored to your unique requirements. Our multi-faceted web portals deliver functionality for both your employees and your customers, including:

Internal eTrack Portal

Customer-Facing eTrack Portal

M-Netics eTrack Solutions

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