Voice-Directed Services

Streamlined Operations In The Warehouse

Voice-Directed Services

With customers expecting faster deliveries, your fulfilment process needs to look to new and improved methods to prepare orders. Voice capabilities are now considered an essential component of a fully optimised logistics management setup, and Peak Technologies is ready to delivery an end-to-end mobility solution direct into your warehouse facilities. Our solutions leverage the very latest voice-directed hardware – ranging from rugged headsets to comfortable ring scanners – alongside powerful software tools and services optimised for the modern fulfilment process.

Peak Technologies will implement enhanced operational control and equip your workers with mobile technology that improves productivity and increases your capacity for larger picking orders and further ‘head up, hands free’ tasks throughout the warehouse and the supply chain. With our diverse ecosystem of partners and decade of experience delivering mobility technology solutions that help automate and streamline labour-intensive tasks, we have the answer to your picking, receiving, loading, replenishment and put away requirements.

The benefits of voice-directed solutions in the supply chain include:

Improved Productivity

More tasks per worker, per shift – With a ‘heads up, hands free’ approach, your workers can significantly improve productivity across multiple tasks such as reading pick lists, keying in information and more.

Increased Accuracy

Stay connected to your workers – Now you can deliver updates and exact instructions direct to your workers via a voice-directed headset. Avoid costly errors and keep your staff up to date with the power of voice-enabled technology.

Reduced Warehouse Labour Costs

A safer work environment – Decrease training time for new workers, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and lower turnover by leveraging voice for more labour-intensive processes in the supply chain.

Reduced Material Costs

Cost-effective solution – By utilising voice-enabled technology in your warehouse and throughout the supply chain, you’ll reduce the cost of printers, components and other media used as part of the fulfilment process.

Voice-Directed Services

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