WLAN Infrastructure

The Heart Of Your Wireless Solution

WLAN Infrastructure

Peak-Ryzex’s expertise in enterprise wireless networking extends beyond pre-planning and evaluation. Our wireless engineers possess the tools, talent and training needed to build, implement and test a state-of-the-art WLAN (wireless local area network) infrastructure within your Digital Supply Chain organisation. Our engineers are also certified with our major wireless partners, as well as other network infrastructure components including operating systems, management tools & more. Our solutions will deliver a complete and comprehensive wireless package direct into your premises.

Our wireless infrastructure capabilities include some of the following benefits:

Wireless System Installation

Our end-to-end system installation solutions are the answer to your enterprise connectivity problems. Building on the vital data gathered in our Wireless Site Surveys, Peak Technologies will manage the entire installation process from the procurement of network hardware and APs (access points) right through to the point of full installation and stress testing. Our goal is to enhance your business with powerful, reliable connectivity that always performs under pressure.

Our engineers work fast, ensuring your new wireless network is implemented with the minimum of disruption to your daily operating procedures or workflow. We’ll then fully test the network itself to ensure your coverage is running at optimum performance throughout your premises.

Network Cabling

Our services also include a comprehensive network cabling infrastructure service for copper Ethernet, fibre, Cat5, Cat5 PVC and Cat6, ensuring you have access to a turn-key, low risk implementation model. The Wireless Site Survey we’ll conduct on your premises will provide our wireless engineers with the information they need to tailor our cabling options and provide with an optimum data transfer setup across your sites.

WLAN Infrastructure

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