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Ensure Your Drivers Are Fully Trained And

Ready To Drive On UK Roads

Whether your fleet comprises a small number of vehicles or a capacity capable of serving customers nationwide, you need full confidence your drivers have all the information they need to safely fulfil that service when out on the road.

With a Driver Compliance solution from Peak Technologies and its ecosystem of technology partners, we can support this endeavour with cutting-edge mobile hardware, durable in-cab accessories and the very latest software tools for head office and driver devices.

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Driver Compliance Solutions For Transport & Logistics & The Supply Chain

Operating a fleet of any size is a challenging task, but how you do you ensure every one of your drivers is fully aware of the driving standards they should be adhering too? Physical paperwork can often degrade, be misplaced in administration, or simply fail to reach the driver(s) in question. So, you need a smart alternative that utilises the latest software developments in driver compliance with a carefully curated solution featuring cutting-edge mobile devices, in-cab mounts, rugged cases, SIM card connectivity and more.

Driver Compliance

Rapidly Deploy New Information

Fleet managers gain unprecedented control of the information their drivers need to know to operate on UK roads, with the ability to rapidly deploy new company and incident procedures direct to driver devices with read receipts, confirmations & more.

Centralised Compliance Oversight

Remove the need for unreliable paperwork with a fully digital solution that updates you on driver compliance progress in real-time. See your entire roster of drivers and track who has completed key UK road law and compliance documents.

Content & Branding Customisation

Utilise a software solution that comes pre-loaded with up-to-date information on UK road laws and key operating procedures. You can customise and curate a library of professional driver responsibilities that perfectly match your fleet.

Leading-Edge Mobile Devices

Our Driver Compliance Solutions leverage the latest mobile device releases from our wide portfolio of technology partners so you can choose and fully utilise a fleet of hardware handsets that fit the exact need of your drivers and your logistics operation.

Protection In &

Out Of The Cab

When you’ve selected the mobile device that best suits the needs of your drivers and the constraints of your budget, you can protect these handsets on the move with secure in-cab mounting accessories and rugged cases that protect your hardware from unexpected knocks.

Smart Connectivity


Connect your drivers to the information they need and the oversight you require with a fleet of smart SIMs that dynamically identify the best network options available in real time. Leverage the latest advances in smart SIMs and IOT connectivity.

Connecting Your Fleet To The Right Knowledge

A Peak Technologies Driver Compliance Solution is designed to meet the ongoing needs of your logistics operation, and includes a fully suite of hardware devices, customisable software applications, rugged accessories, SIM connectivity and all of the professional and managed service support you’d expect from the leading name in mobility technology solutions.

Dynamic Software Capabilities

Your logistics operation needs software applications that protect the integrity of the business and ensure your drivers are fully compliant with all the legislation and company policies when operating on UK roads. Our solutions are carefully curated to include the very latest advances in compliance tracking and oversight, as well as applications to support device maintenance & deployment.

Driver Compliance

Leading-Edge Mobile Hardware

Invest in future-proofed mobility hardware from some of the leading names in business-ready devices and access Android-ready smart handsets that are primed to enhance the productivity and mobile capabilities of your drivers in the field.

Smart Connectivity Support

A Peak Technologies Driver Compliance solution leverages smart SIM cards to connect each and every one of your drivers to a reliable and secure network. These SIMs can be used in the UK and overseas and utilise the latest advancements in network connectivity to reduce data disruptions.

Driver Compliance

Rugged Accessory Enhancement

With in-cab mounts, drivers can safely store and use devices on the road, while rugged cases ensure that the device is fully protected against shocks when removed from the mount for the completion of deliveries, signature captures and vehicle safety checks.

Driver Compliance

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