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Rapid tyre depth and DOT code scanning

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When your fleet heads out onto the road, you need the assurance that every aspect of a vehicle is road worthy and safe enough to support continued use – and that includes the condition of each tyre on your trucks, HGVs and field service vehicles. But traditional tyre checking procedures are not only time-consuming – requiring up to 12 different readings across a single tyre tread in some cases – they’re usually paper-based and potentially unreliable.

But with a Tyre Safety Scanning Solution from Peak Technologies and its portfolio of technology partners, you can not only capture a tyre tread’s depth in a single reading but do so in less than 5 seconds. Replace clumsy paper records with a HHT (Handheld Terminal) and record tyre tread depths alongside the ability to identify and record DOT codes for fast tyre origin credentials.

Tyre Safety Scanning Solution Benefits Include:

Fast, Reliable Vehicle Safety Checking

However large your fleet may be, poor tyres will reduce the braking distances of your vehicles, increase the chance of hydroplaning, and potentially lead to road traffic incidents occurring as a result. The ability to identify the road worthiness of a tyre enables fleet managers, technicians and drivers to improve the uptime of a fleet by identifying the need for tyre changes ahead of time. Here are just some of the benefits your logistics operation will leverage with a Tyre Safety Scanning Solution from Peak Technologies:

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Rapid Depth Results

With our integrated solution, you can swipe a HHT across the tyre in a singular motion. The solution will then read the depth of the tyre and immediately identify its status, without the need to rely on slow, multi-part readings that could be misidentified as a result.

Read DOT Codes

Reading and identifying the DOT code of a tyre is another important aspect of tyre inspection process, and with our solution can you simply use the integrated camera on the HHT to swiftly read the DOT code and determine its year of manufacture and type.

Identify Tyre Safety

Adequate tyres are vitally important, especially when operating HGVs are other large vehicles. Being able to identify shallow treads and damaged tyres will ensure every vehicle is road worthy and safe to use by your roster of logistics drivers/operators.

No More Paperwork

Paperwork has long been an important part of vehicle inspection procedures, but physical documents and forms can be damaged or mislaid in the process. Capturing tyre tread and DOT codes digitally enables you to store and transmit data safely.

Plan For Tyre Changes

A faster and more efficient tyre checking setup enables your technicians and drivers to perform checks faster, and rapidly identify when tyres will need to be changed. This reduces vehicle downtime and keeps your fleet on-track with its deliveries and jobs.

Integrated Functionality

Our Tyre Safety Scanning Solutions are designed to fully integrate into your existing infrastructure if necessary, adapting to your current tyre checking applications and hardware. Peak Technologies is ready to create a solution that perfectly fits your unique logistics needs.

Tyre Safety Scanning

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