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Your customers expect high standards when visiting your hospitality venues, so you need access to the right technology to ensure your business meets those expectations. Peak Technologies will deliver a bespoke solutions into your organisation; curating software, hardware & services designed to improve customer satisfaction, enhance productivity and solidify your hygiene procedures.

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Food Preparation Labelling

Ensure your food preparation setup is ready for the demands of a modern hospitality environment with enterprise printing hardware & software solutions. Our labelling solutions are ideally suited for both mid-market and enterprise-grade organisations and include the curation, installation and support of innovative label printers, optimised labelling software and the highest quality media stock.

Mobile Devices & Tablets

Capture customer orders, take payments, communicate with staff and keep your organisation organised with a mobile device or tablet from Peak Technologies. Our range of commercial and rugged enterprise mobile devices and tablets perform business-critical tasks with ease. Keep your staff constantly updated with important information and ensure your hospitality and food service is supported with a powerful mixture of hygiene compliance & accountability with the latest food safety solutions.

Digital Signage & Interactive Touchscreens

Stand out from the crowd with Peak-Ryzex’s range of innovative and engaging digital signage solutions. Our solutions create a shopping experience that excites your customers and increase your sales. Together with our partners we will work with you to find the right solution, be that digital screens, totems, kiosks, video walls or menu boards. Furthermore, we can provide a turnkey solution to create, host and manage the content delivery as well.

Allergen Tracking & Compliance

Maintain compliance with food safety legislation such as Natasha’s Law and track allergens in all your food items prepared on site. With a dynamic allergen tracking solution from Peak Technologies, your food retail or hospitality can ensure every product freshly prepared on-site is tracked for potentially harmful allergens and other ingredients.

Self-Service Solutions

As your hospitality business grows, so does the need to serve more customers and prepare more covers. With a finite number of front-of-house staff, being able to clear and sanitise tables while serving and seating new customers stretches your staff resources to its limit – especially during peak periods of business. With a Self-Service solution from Peak Technologies, give customers the ability to order dishes and drinks directly from their table, without the need for a server to take the order manually.

Food Hygiene & Safety

Digitize your processes to manage your food & safety with the turn-key Peak Technologies solution. Combining best of breed software applications with mobile technology and temperature sensors, you will be able to record accidents and incidents, comply with HACCP legislation, arrange for risk assessments and deal with enforcement visits in the most efficient manner.

UV Light Sanitising

In order to minimise the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens for staff and customers, it is imperative to maintain a clean working environment. The mobile device and fixed asset UV-C light solutions from Peak Technologies have been proven to eradicate SARS, MERS & other viruses without the use of device-damaging chemicals. With a UV Light Solution from Peak Technologies, you can ensure larger terminals & kiosks are regularly sanitised and portable devices are disinfected in just 20 seconds. The CleanSlate UV Sanitiser has been tested against SARS-COV-2, and studies have proven the device to be 99.995% effective at deactivating the virus.

Wireless Charging

Provide your customers with the ultimate convenience with our best-in-class wireless charging solutions. One in ten people charge their phones in public places every single day. And as phones are becoming increasingly app-driven, their power consumption is only increasing. By you offering Peak-Ryzex’s convenient wireless charging solutions you can increase your footfall and create opportunities to engage and interact with your customers whilst they are enjoying your other services.

Wireless Hotspots

Whether it’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, a hotel, a pub, a casino or an airport lounge, your customers expect a secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity making this an integral part of delivering a great customer experience. Peak-Ryzex’s expertise in delivering a secure and smart network infrastructure enables you to meet the unique business and physical requirements of your mobile-driven hospitality environment providing your customers with the connectivity they need, thereby ensuring an increased revenue.

Customer Feedback

Recieve high quality, valuable feedback in the moment of the customer experience with a Peak Technologies survey solution. Learn from your shoppers and browsers and see how their experience is matching their expectations. Our survey solutions include quick tap, multi questions, push button or even touchless, so you can capture and analyse the feedback data and take intelligent actions to make overall improvements to the customer experience and your bottom line.

Hospitality & Food Service Solutions

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