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Touchscreen and interactive signage for your workplace


Interactive displays and touchscreen technology is no longer resigned to mobile devices and tablets, especially in the modern day workplace. As your return to the office or to your normal business premises, you’re going to need to leverage touchscreen displays that not only support self-service, but also connect your staff, customers, visitors and patients with the latest updates and services from your organisation. Our Interactive Experience Solutions empower customers, staff and more by connecting them to the information they need. Applicable benefits include:

Making The Workplace Work Smarter

Interactive displays can be utilised in countless industry verticals, including throughout the office environment. Users can use these displays to sign in at reception, book rooms for meetings, help visitors navigate through your premises with interactive maps and much more. These interactive devices empower employees with self-service tools, foster greater productivity and help your sites run smoothly and more efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of utilising an Interactive Experience Solution from Peak Technologies:

Meeting Management

Maintain safe social distancing and avoid needless double bookings with interactive displays that list a live list of meeting rooms and their scheduled bookings. Users can identify and book free rooms in a matter of seconds.

Interactive Whiteboarding

Take collaborative meetings to the next level with an interactive whiteboard experience from Peak Technologies. Share and discuss ideas with a highly responsive and easy-to-use touch experience, even in a large display format.

Office Wayfinding

Enhance your visitor management capabilities with interactive maps and on-site information. Visitors and new recruits can plot routes through your premises with a visual-driven map of your site and key points of interest.

Virtual Receptionist

Utilise interactive displays and smart technology in your reception area, with a powerful Virtual Receptionist Solution from Peak Technologies. Showcase videos, promotions and important messages and enable the sign in of visitors.

Video Conferencing

Support a flexible workplace by connecting with remotely working staff and external contacts with displays that support high-res video conferencing. These large-scale displays also support whiteboarding activities.

Lobby Signage

When visitors, staff and customers arrive on site, you can engage them with video content, important messaging and upcoming promotions with a range of high-quality displays. Display opening times, bookings and more.

Interactive Experiences

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