Restaurant Click & Collect

Fulfilling online orders with low-touch collection


Restaurants of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt to a world without a consistent stream of covers in-house. Online ordering has boomed so every food service outlet needs to have the capacity to support a full digital ordering system in order that connects customers with your unique dishes and recipes.

Our Restaurant Click & Collect Solutions will deploy the entire ordering process into your organisation, connecting you with the best tablet hardware, interactive touchscreens, receipt printers and software for allergen tracking and order management.

Maintain A Stream Of Digital Orders Into Your Kitchen

Even as restaurants re-open to full capacity, customers still feel most comfortable when ordering online from home or through an on-site kiosk. With a Restaurant Click & Collect Solution, you can keep your hospitality & food service business operating at full strength with a fully capable online ordering process. Here are just some of the benefits you can leverage:

Make Orders Digitally

Our Restaurant Click & Collect Solutions empower customers with the ability to browse your menus remotely and order available items direct from your kitchen. Supporting Click & Collect enables you to meet post-COVID customer habits.

Order Management

Managed all your incoming orders from a single dashboard platform that can be accessed securely from a web browser. Track all incoming orders and ensure your kitchen is ready to process each one in a timely fashion.

Kitchen Touchscreens

Through a dedicated kitchen-based dashboard, your kitchen staff can view all incoming orders and confidently divide resources to cover them. Kitchen staff can also mark any dishes that are no longer available for ordering.

Track Allergens & More

With incoming legislation such as Natasha’s Law, it’s never been more important to comply with food safety laws. With a Restaurant Click & Collect Solution, your kitchens will ensure all allergens are clearly marked for all orders.

Adjust Recipes Ad-Hoc

When ingredients are running low, you can adjust menus on the fly so customers can only order dishes that are available. This solution gives your kitchen the power to create a fluid menu that reflects the status of your resources.

Deliver Faster Orders

Customers expect fast service in all aspects of online ordering, and in a post-COVID world that’s more apparent than ever. Thankfully, a Restaurant Click & Collect Solution is designed to streamline your entire ordering service.

Restaurant Click & Collect

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