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As hospitality & food service outlets continue to welcome more and more customers through their doors, that increased footfall will put extra pressure on both your front and back of house teams. Any bottleneck in the process can have a profoundly negative impact on the customer experience, so having the right technology in place is vital to making your service staff more effective when serving the customer.

Our Tableside Ordering & Mobile Payments solutions leverage the very latest innovations in mobility technology designs to place countless front and back of house tasks at the fingertips of your staff. Users can take orders from a live and fulfillable menu, send those orders direct to the kitchen for faster meal preparation and complete mobile payments – all from a single, compact device.

Transforming Customer Service At The Table

Once your customers have been sat at their table, you’ll want to take their order as swiftly as possible to kickstart the ordering process. Exchanging clumsy paper-based waiter pads for a compact mobile device is the catalyst that vastly improves the effectiveness of your serving staff. Centralising your order capture to a single device not only empowers you front-of-house staff but gives you a far greater oversight of your entire hospitality operation.

Confirm Reservations

If customers have reserved a table or tables in advance, you can verify these reservations from the same device you’ll take orders and collect payments, cross-referencing a live list of tables and covers to ensure a smooth seating process.

Rapid Order Collection

When patrons have taken a seat at their table and decided on their orders, your front-of-house staff can take orders from the table with a dynamic mobile solution that logs everything from ingredient changes to dietary requirements.

Access Live Menu Updates

When items on your menus or no longer available due to increased demand or a change in circumstances, your front-of-house staff can take orders and update customers with full confidence in the status of their menu.

Transforming Customer Service At The Table

When customers are ready to leave your premises, they’ll want the check so they can complete the payment process. Having the complete list of orders for the table already on a HHT (Handheld Terminal) means your front-of-house staff can easily bring up the order and take mobile payments in a variety of formats with speed and confidence. Customers will leave your business satisfied and ready to re-patronise your outlet.

Complete Customer Service

Removing the need to rely on traditional waiter pads means front-of-house staff can bring up existing table orders and take payments for an improved customer experience and swifter opportunity for turning around the table.

Swift Payment Processing

Ensure the Access Control process is swift and easy to use with a solution that automatically screens users for their temperature. Gain results from screening in seconds, ensuring a swift influx of visitors that are screened to be safe.

Faster Cover Turnaround

With payments completed at the table with a single mobile device, a table can then be cleared and reset for additional covers. That time saved with a faster payment process also enables staff to complete additional hygiene procedures.

Tableside Ordering & Mobile Payments

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