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eCommerce has become a vital part of the omnichannel retail environment, and with customers looking to receive ordered items with shorter and shorter turnaround times you need a solution that connects your online orders and your high street stores. With the M-Netics Retail Click & Collect module from Peak Technologies, you can embrace a true multichannel mix, enabling you to track web orders, receive & put away goods, notify customers, track handovers and much more.

Click & Collect is a multifaceted module that will truly connect both sides of your business, enabling your staff to reabsorb uncollected orders back into your stock and ensure your business can focus on its critical business operations.

Leverage the omnichannel features of Click & Collect, including:

  • Receive incoming parcels
  • Put away to location
  • SMS or email notifications to customer
  • Package retrieval
  • Handover & signature capture
  • ‘On My Way’ click through
  • Non-collection & returns handling
  • Shopping bag storage
  • Best-selling items
  • Sales history information

Contactless Click & Collect

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives, and that includes how we serve customers & fulfil orders in the retail space. As the retail sector begins to reopen on the high street, you’re going to need a fully realised contactless alternative to your normal Click & Collect process.

Introduced as part of the existing M-Netics Retail software solution, Contactless Click & Collect enables your retail organisation to customise the parcel handover process with automatic customer alerts, specified external pickup locations and more. With Contactless Click & Collect from Peak Technologies, you can strengthen your omnichannel operations in the face of new shopping habits while maintaining health & safety protocols such as social distancing.

When paired with a feature-rich and cost-effective device, such as Zebra TC21/TC26, your retail operations will be further enhanced with a dynamic Click & Collect software solution.

Zebra TC21 & iM2 Retail from Peak-Ryzex

Benefits of going Contactless

Handover process

Broaden the capabilities of your Click & Collect setup by offering the ability to select external handover locations.

Smart workflows

Track parcels from arrival in-store and on-site storage to tracking the process all the way to collection.

Built-in security

Generate unique security passwords to ensure parcels are collected by the correct designated customer.

Part of M-Netics Retail

Contactless Click & Collect forms part of the market-leading M-Netics Retail software solution.

Leverage Enterprise Click & Collect Functionality And More With M-Netics Retail

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M-Netics Retail Solution Overview

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Click & Collect

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