The CleanSlate UV Podcast Series.

Infection Control. How to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens with UV-C light.

A hospital is a busy place, with many staff using mobile devices to help make their work more efficient. However, sanitizing these devices is anything but simple. Chemical wipes often corrode screens or act too slowly. As a result, mobile devices are often contaminated with bacteria as they move around the hospital and travel home with staff at the end of a shift. The podcast series features healthcare professionals, including Dr Carolina Koutras from CleanSlate UV. Topics of discussion include the importance of infection control in the healthcare environment and how UV light can effectively deactivate harmful pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

The Talking Print Podcast Series.

Supply chain print & media solutions designed to keep you ahead of the technology curve.

The world of print & media is in constant flux, with new innovations helping challenge how we incorporate printers, labels & other media stock into our workplaces. From the latest advancements in mobile printing to emergent best practices in label management software, there’s bound to be a new piece of technology out there that could make a big difference in your organisation. With Talking Print, the latest podcast series from Peak Technologies, we aim to connect you with these powerful products & solutions and help keep you ahead of the technology curve.

The Driving Change Podcast Series.

Interviews with specialists from across the transport & logistics industry.

The Driving Change Series showcases interviews with technology & service specialists from across the transport & logistics industry including Connexas, Zebra, Honeywell & Ivanti. You’ll even be able to hear direct from James Spence, Peak Technologies’ own Services Director, on how our Managed Services continue to support enterprise organisations in the world of fleets and mobile work forces.